The Random playful thought

This piece has spanned a year. and I stumbled on it today. I wrote this with sleepy eyes… I think I will call it “The drifting Incomplete thought”.

Enjoy Below

I’ll write this just once,
I’ll keep making mistakes,
Repeat the same ones,
If need be, so long it takes,
The folly out of me,
And make me,
Who I’m meant to be,
For all I can see,
Is the abundance of the sea,
With choices on a spree,
So I’ll adjust my sail,
Hope that the tide shall prevail,
To help me through storms where I fail,
When salty wind is all I inhale,
I’ll be there kneeling,
With my head, bent asking,
The Almighty, the Oft-Forgiving,
For another day to relish in.

I’m done, what are y’all expecting? I’m not a poet…goodnight

The Synopsis

So I decided not to go with the first synopsis for fear of copyright infringement. I am sorry if I have disappointed anyone but I have decided to write another one and I would like to know what you all think. Below is the Synopsis:

He fumbled for the right key to unlock the gate. He grumbled to himself as he tried one key after the other without success. He glanced up again momentarily, his tiny wrinkled almond shaped eyes widened as he resumed opening the gate with a renewed surge of anxiety mixed with impatience. The key fell to the floor. He paused, he bent down to pick the key grunting like a knackered farm ox. His hand missed the key the first time as his bulgy stomach and heavy robe gave him little room to bend over. He picked the key eventually but had to stand straight to stretch his spine. For someone who is over a century old, Giannicus looks agile but with the tasks that he sets to do daily, He could find himself confined to a rocking chair like his mates chewing on dried stake with ale and smoking tobacco from a pipe. He opened the gate eventually with a sigh of relief and victory. He glanced up again and made for the stable as fast as his legs could carry him. He was a man that hardly say much so the servants were relatively unperturbed when their greetings were replied with either a nod or the shrug of a shoulder. He mounted a horse with the help of an athletic built servant whose handsome features made him look like someone who has seen the finer side of life once before until his tide of fortune changed. Giannicus turned the horse toward the direction of the mountain he had been staring at, he barked under his breath “I am coming already, I cannot go any faster”. He kicked the horse and the fine stallion spurred into a rhythmic trot and gradually began to gallop faster toward the mountain. The morning wind was exceptionally cold as he drew his robe tighter and adjusted the saddle to move closer to the warmth of the stallion. He could see the air coming out of the nostril of the beautiful beast turning into mist. That reminded him of the Scandanavian dragon he nursed during the great purge. The owner had left her for dead. His apprentice; Fabrice would not let him leave without taking a look at the poor creature. Her tears were steamy hot and the hot air that escapes her nostrils at every whimper were warm enough to keep the cold out for a lifetime. The purge was a perilous time, every magical creature was being haunted alongside with the “gifted” human beings that walked the earth. Giannicus already knew this day would come. In fact, he knew exactly how it would come and he was more than prepared for it, but helping the dragon was not part of what he had seen time and time again about the purge. he had warned people of his kind that this time will come. Only a few were wise enough to heed his warning. The others felt that their gift was enough to overcome any attack from anyone. It was too late by the time that they realized that their assailants had help from a dark source which they also eliminated in the end. The time before the purge was peaceful, so peaceful that the gifted walked freely among the unchosen and they were allowed to marry from one another. This time…

Add a comment below please if you would like me to proceed on this book.

Persevere and be steadfast

A daily and constant struggle,
Has been the only life I know,
And for each surmounted trouble,
An eternal gratitude, I duly show.

The journey has not been easy so far,
With new test rearing its head,
And setting even a higher bar,
With Him, my faith is not dead.

To go the distance, I picked a tool,
Help people to be good and true,
For as life draws us into a tide pull,
I can try to make them happy and not blue.

And in this, I’ve come to see,
That the best way is His,
So with the patience, I could find in me,
I first sought knowledge in this.

Perhaps it’s my impetus and zeal,
To help and make an impact,
For the wisdom, I seek is a large seal,
So I gathered little, began to impact.

So far, so good,
It has yielded a good end,
Not to dampen my mood,
My first shock was from a friend.

One that got me to introspect,
And put my life in retrospect,
Perhaps I’ve neglected a vital aspect,
Which could have a fatal effect.

I’ll go back to the knowledge seal,
On it, I must have a foothold,
Every empty hole I must fill,
For this Deen is all I can hold.

The times that we feel that we are doing just fine with our Islam and we go about helping others become better Muslims. Out of the blues, we might be called to attention that while we are busy trying to help others, we have begun to neglect some vital parts of deen as well which could be detrimental to our lives. This is what the poem is about.

A Confused Mind, A Thankful Soul

Slouched, I lay, playfully twisting my hair,
Recently let free from the braid.
I stare blind, but not lost in air,
With that look that is a tad fade.

A confused mind,
But a peaceful soul.
Tides of life seem to hit my blind
side, but on this jagged path, I patrol.

People speak of great prospects,
When they see me walk the walk.
A comic, an actor, or a song star among other aspects,
When they hear me talk the talk.

Your love life, Oh a waste!
One time of three years,
That one left a bitter taste,
Soothed by Graham’s Seven Years

And the fresh one of eleven months?
Oh, Talk of loving the wrong
Who gave peace of days and anguish of months,
Who must have had her real love all along?

Why they played me,
I will never know,
Why must it be,
That I always love the ones who only want me for show

I may not have it all,
I may not “heed” the call,
I may not stand tall,
I may attempt and fall.

But in my trying sojourn,
Of a confused mind,
Is this thankful heart.

Thankful for where I have been,
Thankful for the things I have seen,
Thankful for that human being,
Thankful, for HIS guidance remains keen.

Though the years have passed so fast,
And I am here trying to hold steady,
Through the tides of my past,
Even though if feels like I am not ready.

Still through these times,
From ages through and through,
I continue to unravel my confused mind,
Powered by my thankful heart.

Happy Birthday to me.
Ademola ‘Sanguine’ Bhadmus


Jolted back to reality

The joy that comes forth,
With the babble of an infant,
Can be for a moment cut short,
In a long run or an instant.

To see a child grow,
Prosper and bloom like a rose,
Like the blood in the veins flow,
You hold each memory dear and close.

The hopes and dreams of tomorrow,
You catch a glimpse today,
But it can be shattered in pain and sorrow,
With wisdom scant, words absent to say.

The time can never be foretold,
And it comes at a time only right,
Ransome nor bribe can ease the hold,
When the hand snatches in one might.

So it comes only to the appointed,
Though the visit is but brief,
It does not even excuse the anointed,
As it leaves in its wake, just grief.

Through the wailing and tears,
A big lesson is given to ponder,
Upon which might heighten our fears,
About death lurking in the yonder.

I received news hours ago about the death of a boy I watched grow. And this got me thinking about everything life is about. We are just passing through this tunnel called life. Where and when we end this journey, we don’t know. What would become of us afterwards, we do not know how old we would grow. Yet we walk this earth like we own it. We have been warned in the Holy Book severally, one of such admonitions for those who reflect is: Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire – of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.Quran 3 vs 14. Can we pause a moment and think about it all over again? Why give this worldly life all our attention when a better abode awaits us? When death snatches someone you know, ask yourself if you have done enough to present to your maker? If the answer scares you, work on yourself for the time that anyone would timeout isn’t foretold.

I pray that Allah forgives the sins of this young boy and make his grave a comfortable one. Amin. My heart goes out to the family, May Allah be with them.

Way back

Many times we have lost someone because of our insecurities. sometimes because of our ego or we are just blinded by something very ephemeral that we end up losing something or someone that ought to make a sweet and lasting impression as we sojourn through the vicissitudes of life. Need I say more? Enjoy below

Onward I walk on this road of tar,
With my burdened heart,
I’ve come thus far,
Hoping to bridge the miles apart.

A wonderful time we had,
With my childish ways, I tarnish,
I know not how I made you this mad,
But my humble plea I bring, well garnished.

What won’t I give,
To have that time of bliss once again,
But only through time I receive,
A yesteryear’s life of regret and pain.

A thousand words, I’ll say in one breath,
With open arms and my breast bare,
I hope you see through my heart that I give my last breath,
That I’ll give everything to have us as we once were.

This is my first post of the year.

500 words synopsis

Whoever said social media is a waste of time? So I stumbled on a “challenge” on twitter. I call it a challenge because I know I am a lazy person that loves to faff and this might require due diligence (Sighs). What I am talking about is (drum rolls….)  Freelance writing! I was reading through the MMM ponzi scheme fallout  trend when I saw the tweet about someone who opted for MMM instead of freelance writing. I asked if the writing position was still opened (Don’t ask me, I don’t know what I was thinking either). The person asked if I could write and I “humbly” gave the link to this blog. You know that butterfly effect you get when you’re passed a very nice compliment right? (ladies can relate better) I got that when my contact returned with “wow wow, you’re good and you do creative writing too. (Don’t Laugh, I didn’t even know I do that, I just write). Anyway, I was given directives on how to be a part of it. my task in a nutshell, was to diss iPhone 7 and its ridiculous price without being creative but factual . Being an android loyalist, be sure I did justice to that. Now I have been accepted and my first assignment is to write a fiction story about a divorced witch with a douche mage husband, I was expected to first submit 500 words which would be evaluated then based on the result of the evaluation, I would be asked to continue. It has been evaluated and I have the green light to continue so this is where it gets interesting. I don’t know if I am permitted to share the complete work when I am done but I am sure there is no harm in sharing the 500 words with you. Now this is the deal, if you can read my 500 words which isn’t complete yet and you like it, please leave a comment below that you want the rest of the story and I promise to complete the book (I already have two ideas on how to run the story). Please enjoy or endure the synopsis below

At the far corner of the bar, she slouched on the leopard skin couch looking knackered but very happy, the feeling of happiness as she once knew filled her and she wished this would never go away. It had been exactly a year Derek, her handsome looking douche of a husband whom she was married to for nine years finally moved his belongings out of their home in Lysbrik so her friends decided to show her some love. Nine years of marriage to one of the respected mages in the Kingdom. If only she knew she would lose him to a Necromancer! She blamed herself for her failed marriage because she invited Subriel to her home when their house cat was possessed by a spirit that hers and her husband’s spells could not dispel. The cat turned into a monster cloud that aimed only for the door to their daughter’s room they could only hold it at bay with their patronus which they thought would wither soon save for the intervention of the Necromancer.

Derek’s insistence to see that the spirit is sent back to the land of the dead met little protest from her as she held on tight to Miranda who was too young to understand what had happened. Few weeks after Derek and the Necromancer sent the spirit into the land of the dead she began to notice some changes. How he whines at everything that looks wrong and becomes grumpy when she wants to have a word.

Mummy! Mummy! Sheeba was jolted back to reality by her daughter who had a bright burning torch in one hand with eyes gleaming in anxiety. “Look Mum! I made the torch light up! I have learnt the spell! Aunt Nancy just taught me!” she screamed in her tiny voice. Although she was knackered, Sheeba replied Miranda in an equally excited voice “Really?! show me again” she replied. The little girl put out the torch, then bent her index, middle and little finger forward a little, took a deep breath and whispered “Incendia!” and once again, the torch was burning bright. everyone clapped for her as Sheeba hugged her in admiration. Miranda is only six and would be due to have a wand in two years time but unlike young witches of her age group who only know petty parlor tricks, Miranda has mastered some spells that even a ten year old might be struggling with. Being the daughter of a High ranked mage and a powerful witch, this came as no surprise at all.

The little girl hopped off happily while Nancy and Mollina slipped in beside her. There was a little silence before Sheeba asked “What’s with the look?. You plan to read my mind?” as both friends continued to give her the quizzical stare. “Are you feeling better now?” asked Mollina with a voice that showed a lot of concern. Since her divorce Mollina and Nancy had been giving her support almost at every time it is needed. They have been helping her get out of her depressed state especially when the divorce process became cumbersome, they were there for her all the way. Derek, being a High ranked mage used his position to influence part of the proceeding making it a bit difficult to get what she felt she deserved.

To be continued…